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How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging [PDF e-book]

  • Are your skills and abilities NOT earning you their true worth?
  • Is someone else benefitting from your hard work?
  • Would you like to have big clients contact you directly?

If you are not leveraging work for your benefit you are wasting your talents. You need a website that will naturally attract great clients.

My name is Rob Cubbon. I was stuck working in boring office jobs and my life was quickly reaching a dead end. I was in a downward spiral until I set up my website and launched a business that provided me with a fantastic lifestyle. This business has grown massively by using my site to get clients and earn good money. This is a business that will wipe the cubicle from your memory for good!

After I set up my website it wasn,t very long before I was contacted by Mastercard (annual revenue: $5.5 billion; a Fortune Global 500 company) and Accenture (annual revenue $23 billion; a Fortune Global 500 company) to do work for them.

More importantly: this work was ten times more interesting and paid up to ten times more! Discovering an extremely lucrative market online is so much fun that it feels more like playing than working!

In this e-book How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging, I detail how to create and build a website that will draw big clients to you.

  • Learn all the professional tips and techniques
  • How to set up a professional looking website, quickly and easily!
  • Discover how to set up the best WordPress themes and plugins, customizing your site to attract the right type of clients
  • 15 simple tricks you can do to take your WordPress site up to the next level after getting it installed
  • I have a list of plugins your competition likely aren’t using that will give you a strong competitive advantage!
  • Over 130 pages of expert advice right at your fingertips – over six years worth!
  • Stuck for content ideas? You’ll discover exactly what to write about in your blog!
  • Social media – sync-up and automate those laborious tasks with my time-saving tips!
  • Practical advice on images and typography
  • Generate leads for an online business

This book has been re-read and re-worked by some of the most competent professionals in the industry. So the book jam-packed full of useful facts that you need to know.

Download the book now and start attracting the right clients, the big jobs and the large pay checks!

What’s everyone saying?

Matthew Ogbourne, eBay, Amazon and eCommerce expert, says, “Rob understands how to use the internet to it,s full advantage to deliver targeted interest to an online business. And this eBook is a great solutions resource of how to do exactly that.”

Randa Clay, designer and WordPress expert, says, “How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging is a great resource into how to get business online. Incredibly thorough, extremely readable and well-laid out.”

Douglas Bonneville, graphic designer and typography expert, “Rob’s new eBook, How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging is simply amazing. Jam packed yet easy to read! Every single bit of good advice I could think of to tell someone either just starting out or already down the path is in there. Let me assure you that Rob covers all the essentials. If you start here and digest everything in this eBook, you’ll save a LOT of time and money. Trust me – just get this book and do what it says. You’ll be all set. You’ll see!”

Money Back Guarantee

If you,re not satisfied with or learned any new client-grabbing ideas from How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging eBook within 60 days, let me know and I,ll refund your money – that,s how confident I am in the effectiveness of this resource.

Download the How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging interactive PDF for only $9 by hitting the button NOW!

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How To Get Web & Graphic Design Clients By Blogging [PDF e-book]

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